Social Events

The Welcome Reception will take place in the assembly hall of the School of Education and Communication (building H) at Jönköping University. At the reception you can start preparing yourself for the event.

Meet the EDEN fellows, Board and NAP members, Secretariat staff who can help you to find out best how to exploit the event. The pleasant surroundings will ensure inspiration for intellectual exploration dialogue learning-partnerships and collaboration. The EDEN Fellow Awards and Young Scholar Awards will be presented during the reception.

In the end of the first Conference day, just after the EDEN Annual General Meeting on 14 June, it is planned – based on the nice experience of the Oxford Research Workshop in 2014 – to organise a “Walk and Talk” event in the bright Nordic evening. We shall take a trajectory around the lake Munksjön.

EDEN members and conference delegates are invited to join the conference featured speakers, EDEN Executive Committee and Network of Academics and Professionals post bearers – and discuss about any matters of interest around EDEN, Learning Innovation in the world, Openness, the future of Digital Education and alike.

The sunset that evening will be at 10:06pm.

Would the weather not be friendly, the discussion will take place in the Orangerie room of the University.

The Walk and Talk programme replaces the Book and Wine evening for which less interest was expressed this year.

The venue of the Conference Dinner will be the classical style Elite Stora Hotellet, one of the most beautiful buildings in Jönköping and with a central location along the southern shore of Lake Vättern.

Jönköping’s walking street passes right by the hotel, putting guests right in the midst of the city’s shopping, attractions and nightlife. Elite Stora Hotellet was built in the mid 1800’s and has been painstakingly renovated. Much of the hotel has been preserved in its original glory, including the Hall of Mirrors, which is one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful banquet halls.

For tours and activities in and around Jönköping, the Småland region, before or after the conference, please contact our conference partner Memu.

DreamHack Summer

DreamHack, the world’s largest LAN party and festival around computer gaming with scene performances and several types of competition (e-sport, cosplay and more) will be held at the exhibition center in Jönköping all weekend after the EDEN Annual Conference, starting on the Friday. Watch the introduction to the event on YouTube. This is an excellent opportunity for EDEN conference participants to make their stay in Jönköping not just professionally useful but also enjoyable.

The world’s only Match Museum

Jönköping was known for its matchstick industry between 1845-1970. The Match Musem in Jönköping is the world’s only. It is located in the beautiful building that once was the first match factory in Jönköping.

In the museum, living match history is told. Encounter the people and machines that built up the match industy and developed it into a global operation. You will find an exciting film and thousands of matchboxes and labels.

City Park & the Jönköping Open Air Museum

With views stretching for miles over the southern district of Lake Vättern, the city park is just five minutes by bus from the city centre. The city park is a beautiful nature area in Jönköping for all ages. The park has an exciting maze, picnic areas, bird ponds, animal pastures, and mini golf.

There is also the unique Bird Museum with a collection of approx 1400 stuffed birds of 341 species and an egg collection with approx 2500 eggs, as well as an Open Air Museum to which old buildings have been moved. In the summer, the county museum usually moves into the houses and opens them for different activities.

The Open Air Museum’s history began in 1901 when the engineer Algot Friberg bought the Bäckaby medieval wooden church and moved it to Jönköping City Park. Eventually more older buildings were brought to the park and the open air museum was born.

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